The Ballet Foundation would like to acknowledge those who have already pledged or given support to the Foundation. Pledges and significant gifts will be acknowledged in the Ballet Foundation’s publications.

Ellie Richards 2015

Bequests have been pledged by:

  • Anonymous x 3
  • Lilias and Johnny Bell
  • Alison Buchanan and Eric Johnston
  • Bryan Crawford
  • Judith Doyle
  • The Emery Family
  • Warwick and Leigh Kennedy
  • The Lynn Trust
  • Jane Meares
  • Karen Ross
  • Ian Webster

Gifts have been given by:

  • Anonymous
  • Richard Best
  • Mark and Louise Binns
  • Alison Blain
  • James and Helena Brow
  • Adrian Burr
  • Judith Doyle
  • Elizabeth Ellis
  • Tim and Margaret Fairhall
  • James Farmer, QC
  • Sir Michael Fay
  • Josephine and Ross Green
  • Lesley and Alistair Griffiths
  • Don and Jannie Hunn
  • Sally and Richard Jarman
  • Shonagh Kenderdine
  • Jane and Denis Kirkcaldie
  • Tom and Bridget Kool
  • Stephen Kos and Jocelyn Afford
  • Mary Marshall
  • Collin Post and Brenda Young
  • Robyn Reynolds
  • Sir Bruce and Lady Lyn Robertson
  • The Rule Foundation
  • Geoff Thomas
  • Roger and Joanna Wall
  • Estate of Barbara Webster
  • Fran Wyborn

Contributions to the Harry Haythorne Fund have been made by:

  • John Avery
  • Elizabeth Bleby (in memory of Meg Abbie Denton)
  • Mariette Carey and Ron Fung
  • Rowena Davies and Caroline Crawford
  • Nan Durrans
  • Camilla Ella
  • Errol Gardiner
  • Harry Haythorne
  • Richard and Sally Jarman
  • Leigh Jones
  • Janet and Ron Marsh
  • Adrienne Matheson
  • Michael Metzger
  • Andrew Pfeiffer
  • Danilo Radojevic and Lucinda Dunn
  • Edith Radojevic
  • Bill Sheat
  • Jean Stewart

Information about supporting the future of ballet in New Zealand can be found here.